Re: West India Fruit & Steamship Company Historic Film

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

    Well Bob I had hoped that the second car photo you posted might have saved the day as it appears
 to be an earlier lettering style that I, at least, have not ever seen before. Unfortunately a check of my
1946 and 1947 ORER's draws a total blank. So I gather that this entire operation did not get under way 
until 1949 or the very early 1950's which is beyond my Dec. 1948 cut-off date. The film is none-the-less 
of interest for the ship photos. I gather that these ships were strictly for below deck loading, much like the
Great Lakes car ferries on which I enjoyed a trip back in 1978, but that these were rear loading only with
four tracks. The tie down equipment is very interesting but what were all the structures on top of the ferry
deck? It appears that like many of the earlier freight lines that these car ferries also may have carried
passengers. The Proto-2000 LV auto boxcar being unloaded was of particular interest as was the flat car
of new Corn Binder, read that as International Harvester, tractors which I suspect several other readers
caught as well as you PFE reefer.

Thanks very much for posting this, Don Valentine

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