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william darnaby

Actually, the Monon leased two of the SP&S engines while the Monon was upgrading their own nine engines (2 at a time) with new prime movers and improved electrical gear to make them more compatible with the 628’s so one could be run as a sandwich between two 628’s to create a HP/tractive effort combination more appropriate for Monon conditions.


The first 4 of these rider cars were built in ’46 and saw service behind steam.  The second 4 were built in ‘52 after converted troop kitchen cars were considered unsatisfactory in this service.  All were built on cut limestone service flats…actually low side composite gons…from the 20’s.  The Monon had 500 of these gons at one time but the Depression kind of killed that type of construction except for some government buildings.


Bill Darnaby


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Yeah, that slide is mis-labeled. That is not on SP&S rails, but on the Monon. The Monon faced a power shortage in 1966 due to their return of several Alco C628s to the manufacturer, and had to lease these SP&S engines until Alco could produce the 628s replacement.


The car trailing the locomotive is a 'Rider' car that was required by State Law for 'locals' exceeding a certain size. These were home built by the Monon at the Lafayette, Indiana Shops Mont Switzer can provide a more thorough description of these cars. 


In HO, at one time they were offered by Overland Models.


Dave Strahlendorf

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