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Ray Breyer

Nice shot! I need to work it into an article at some point.

NKP 27664 was one of 1,000 cars built for the NKP by Haskell & Barker in 1908. A basic Vanderbilt syndicate car design, it was one of 4,300 identical boxcars built for the NKP in 1907 and 1908 (the largest single group of identical freight cars owned by that road).

Originally an all-wood car, it was rebuilt in the early 1920s with a Hutchins roof, I-beam crash posts on the ends, and a steel center sill underframe. The car is also wearing its third lettering scheme.

The cars were all retired by 1939 by the NKP, but several hundred were retained for the road's MOW fleet. Several hundred more were sold to Hyman-Michaels, who sold them to several small roads just before WWII. The largest group, 300 cars, went to the M&StL. That road re-sold several to other roads, including the ITC, NdeM, and US Army (for use in munition plants).

Up to four of these cars still survive. One is a stablemate of NKP 765, one is in the collection of the recently-imploded railroad museum in Noblesville IN, and two of the former M&StL cars MAY still survive as part of the Boone & Scenic RR's collection in Iowa.

I wrote a lengthy article on the NKP's wood boxcar fleet for the Winter 2014 issue of the Nickel Plate Road Magazine, and a modeling article on the 25000s in the June 2015 issue of the Nickel Plate Road Modeler's Notebook. The decals for these cars available from RCW were based on my research and the art talent of Dr. Dave Campbell.

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Another car I've been looking for! Ray Breyer at the NKP group knows a lot about these cars,and the NKPHTS
modeler's on line magazine has articles. Decals can be had from Resin Car Works.
Larry King

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