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Mont Switzer


We ran into the rider caboose issue when modeling the Transfer at Monon. When/how were the rider cars moved to the Transfer house for loading of LCL before going out on locals?

I asked Cookie and he told me they never did use the "baggage" end of the rider cars for LCL. LCL was loaded in clean dry boxcars, preferably with doors that worked easily.

Every time I looked in one of the rider cars the "baggage" end was full of tools of the trade: cables, re-railers, knuckles and assorted junk. One wag even had an overstuffed reclining easy chair strategically located near the large door opening. Tough duty.

After the recliner episode I thought I had seen it all until one was removed from a conventional GMC (small day cab) semi-tractor at Bender & Loudon Motor Freight, Inc. I still don't know how the driver assigned to the tractor got it in there because the shop had a hell of a time getting it out. Company policy was only one seat per tractor and it was reserved for the driver.


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Monon rider car. Used in Indiana to allow LCL shipments. Also to accommodate the extra conductor, for extra crewman in Indiana. Not sure how it ended up out West. In later years used as tool car.

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