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Mont Switzer

Bill Darnaby's explanation of the SP&S Alco RS and what the Monon called:

1. rider cars
2. head end cabooses

Is spot on. The rider cars, a total of 8 were built on low side stone gon frames.

These gons, built by Pullman Standard in Michigan City in 1926. Other than their all wood interiors which were required for cut stone loading the riveted steel portions were virtually indestructible. In addition to the head end cabooses these frames were used to make ten 40 ft. flat cars, 40 piggy-back flats, upwards of 30 coke racks, and countless company service cars of all sizes and shapes. Some cars even survived as built in MofW service until the L&N merger in 1971.

A recent review of disposition (destroyed due to damage) records for these cars seem to indicate that In the steam era they could be seen all over the eastern half of the USA almost certainly hauling cut limestone to large building projects. This was back in the day when many large building projects had a temporary rail siding built right up to the job site. Others had draymen moving the cut stone pieces to the job sites.


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In the slide below, there's an odd looking Monon car just behind the loco. Photo was taken at Salem, Oregon.

I'm curious what the car is and why it was in Oregon.

Any opinions?

Not opinion, but's not Oregon. It's Salem, Indiana. The Monon leased a few SP&S RS-2s in the 1960s. The odd car is what's called a Rider Caboose...a 'front end' caboose was required by Indiana state law for trains longer than 65 cars.

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