Open Top loads

Douglas Harding

In response to Tony's question, and to share with everyone, I have created a
folder in the Op Sig group files section titled "AAR open top car loading
This may be found at

In it I have uploaded copies of the AAR booklets for Rules Governing loading
open top cars, which I recently acquired.

Section 1 Rules 1988
Section 2 Loading Pipe 1987
Section 3 Road Farm Equipment 1987
Section 4 Misc Machinery 1987
Section 5 Forest Products 1983 & 1987 (1983 version has more pages)
Section 6 DOD Military 1984
Section 7 TOFC Containers 1987

They were scanned, creating searchable pdfs, totaling about 190mb.

This will not answer Tony's questions about hoppers and covered hoppers, but
should give an excellent idea of what was transported in gons. More
important these booklets have drawings showing the proper way to load and
secure a wide variety of loads. Great for modeling ideas.

If you are not able to access the Op Sig group files, let me know. I can
load them to the this group files.

Doug Harding

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