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There's also an article in Warships International on some of the ships' service in WW II - as can be imagined, they were excellent in terms of moving heavy land vehicles (and landing same).  If I'm not mistaken, these were "chartered" by the Army - not the Navy.  The Army attempted to garner the whole fleet.

They also were used to haul  freight cars to France and other overseas destinations..  This had the benefit of not having to knock down the built "kits" to be rebuilt ashore.  And then..some of those cars had kits as loads within.  At least some of the kits and built up kits were from Bessemer. 

 There is also an image of a load of reefers no one of the ships..where THAT one is can not be recalled at the moment. 

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Seatrain Ships

At the risk of going overboard on this topic, here are some links with more information, photos and diagrams on the Seatrain car ferries. The film is especially interesting.

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