Re: Odd (to me) Monon car

Tim O'Connor

The state "full crew" laws were hilariously written so poorly that these "cabeese"
could be placed anywhere in the train. The Wabash had similar cars and would just put
people inside for the ride. They had nothing to do but hold on for dear life.

On 12/15/2019 3:41 PM, Seth Lakin via Groups.Io wrote:
Yes Salem, Indiana on the Monon. The Monon built in the company shops these “head end cabooses”. They housed the head end brakeman and any LCL that may be carried to be distributed along the line. They were typically used on the wayfreight trains that ran each section of the line. I would have to dig my notes out but there were 6-8 of them built in the late 40’s from flats.

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