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Charlie Vlk


Popular Science and Popular Mechanics are a source of many good railroad (freight car) images and articles.  Fascinating look into the past when people were interested in how things worked and doing things with their hands.

Quite a contrast to today’s “Popular Science” which is more of a catalog for Sharper Image with opinion pieces on technical and scientific issues.

Charlie Vlk


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Seatrain Ships

At the risk of going overboard on this topic, here are some links with more information, photos and diagrams on the Seatrain car ferries. The film is especially interesting.

Bob Chaparro

Port of Hemet, CA


Popular Science Article, 1929

Popular Mechanics Articel, 1947

Film: Seatrain New Orleans

Film made in 1929. A lot of footage showing cars being moved inside the ship.

Loading Illustration

Seatrain ferry loading 1956      

The specialist crane hoist the cradle loaded with an ATSF boxcar from the Seatrain Louisiana

Seatrain Loader,  Belle Chasse, LA

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