Re: ATSF AAR 40’ Box Panels ?

Brian Carlson

When I was creating my freight car roster for my 1957 layout Richard gave me some data on these cars. I have pasted that below. Note I have not yet looked into what reworkings are needed. 
Bx-48 class (750 cars built in '46; AAR box cars with 12 panel sides, can be modeled with a reworked C&BT kit; for some reason, many of these cars lasted into the '60s with their original P/L).
ATSF 274068 & 274099, Grand Canyon Line
ATSF 274279, Scout
ATSF 274326, 274329, & 274396, El Capitan
ATSF 274534, Super Chief
ATSF 274625, Chief.
Brian J. Carlson 

On Dec 16, 2019, at 6:06 PM, Lester Breuer <rforailroad@...> wrote:

CB&T Shops produced the Limited Edition Car I purchased in the photo in 2013.  Ends and roof match the prototype photo in the 1946 Car Builder’s Cyc; however, side panels on model are six vs five on the prototype.  Doors also not correct.  My question not having any reference data on the Santa Fe.  Were any cars produced with the number of panels the model has?
Any info. on prototype  cars appreciated.  Thank You for your time and effort to respond in advance.
Lester Breuer

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