Re: ATSF AAR 40’ Box Panels ?

Tim O'Connor

The model's prototype
Bx-48 had 12 panel riveted sides, but the panels closest
to the ends were WIDER than the other panels. So, no one has done a Bx-48 in plastic
in any scale. Shave off the rivets, and replace with Archers.

C&BT Shops produced 28 physically different permutations of the postwar 10'6" AAR
box cars - including 12 panel cars with same-sized panels. Many of the permutations
have no prototype at all. But for 12 panel 10'6" cars I think it's the only source in
HO scale. (Intermountain offers a 10'0" 12 panel body.)

Tim O'Connor

On 12/16/2019 6:06 PM, Lester Breuer wrote:

CB&T Shops produced the Limited Edition Car I purchased in the photo in 2013.  Ends and roof match the prototype photo in the 1946 Car Builder’s Cyc; however, side panels on model are six vs five on the prototype.  Doors also not correct.  My question not having any reference data on the Santa Fe.  Were any cars produced with the number of panels the model has?
Any info. on prototype  cars appreciated.  Thank You for your time and effort to respond in advance.
Lester Breuer


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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