Re: Grace Tank Car


G'Day to you Darrail
I cannot tell you with certainty what under-frame was used on 168.  When I was much younger I was well acquainted with Stanly D. Grace the son of the founder of the John H. Grace Tank Co.  At the time I was in the banking business in Chicago doing investment banking business with railroads and their suppliers the JD Grace Company had several hundred "legacy" tank cars that were managed individually and lovingly by John's sons. The diligent management of the cars produced a good living for the family. To say they were frugal would be accurate but they were very prone to make changes to their cars in reaction to best practices and market developments. My bet would be either ACF or Union Tank Car components as the cars circulated in the Midwest and West to my recollection. Here is a link to one of the cars the family donated to the B&O RR Museum in the 1990's. You can see the long life and wholesale changes to the car that I noted above.
Chris Rooney

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