Re: 3D printing (Was: New early P&R steel.....)

Corey Bonsall

Hi Dennis,

I've had my Form 2 apart enough to clean and keep running, and you've hit the nail on the head.  The guts are derived from paper printers, and the forces needed to break the last cured layer off of the tray window are enough that when the build plate returns the part back to the tray, the alignment is slightly off.  If I pause the printer, the build plate moves up even higher in the Z direction, and I end up with an even more noticeable layer.

That being said, if I make sure to use a proper primer and gloss paint base coat, most of those lines go away.  My examples of the UCR cars did not have primer coat, as they were tests to see if the Model Master acrylic would adhere to the resin as well without the primer.  Adhesion is still good, but as you noticed, the print lines are more pronounced.

Corey Bonsall 

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