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Charlie Vlk

I had the good fortune to make the acquaintance of Stanley D. Grace, Jr. the last family owner of Grace Tank Car Lines and grandson of the founder, John H. Grace. He was a Model Railroader and in later years had a coffee table N Scale railroad.
I interviewed Stan at his home and was able to view the records of the company that he had preserved.

Most of the multi-compartment cars were in the GRYX 800 series; at least that is the evidence from the photos in Stan’s album.
GRYX 805, the car Stan donated to the B&O museum is probably typical of the genealogy of many of the cars in the Grace fleet. According to Stan, “It was built in 1920 as a 12,000 gallon fuel oil car for the T&NO. Gus Schott of El Dorado, Arkansas bought the tank and built his own underframe for it. Grace bought the car and made a two compartment car out of it. The original tank was double riveted which was unusual for a car of its age….and it leaked like a sieve! The car was taken to the Warren Tank Car Company in Warren, Pennsylvania where every rivet was welded inside and out, and from that point on the car was leakproof! The B&O Museum loves the car because they can use it to store two different grades of diesel oil.”

I made a presentation on the Grace Tank Car Lines at the Lisle Prototype Modelers Meet in 2009 and Stan was in attendance for one of the sessions. If anyone has questions about the company I would be glad to share any further information I have.

Charlie Vlk

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