Re: Grace Tank Car

John Hile

Hello All,

AESX 576 is a Pressed Steel Car Co. product.  Speedwitch Media's "Steam Era Freight Cars Reference Manual, Volume Two" has several photos for reference.

The underframe of GRYX 168 may represent the fact that ACF changed running board supports on "Type 27" underframes around 1940.  On "Type 27" prior to that date, they tend to be the tapered c-channels, hung on the side of the center sill (as shown on GRYX 168).  These are similar (if not identical to) "Type 21" supports.  After approx. 1940, the supports tend to be the angle-sections, which are triangulated to the top and bottom of the center sill.  I have a great degree of confidence in the 1940 date from the photo evidence, but am using the word "tend" because we all know there is probably an ACF "Type 27" lot out there somewhere that will contradict the assumption that all supports changed in 1940.

I'm glad to see this coming-up on the list, as a few of us briefly discussed this at the last St. Louis RPM.

Also, note the mis-matched trucks on GRYX 168.

John Hile
Blacksburg, VA

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