Re: ATSF AAR 40’ Box Panels ?

John Barry


You may be able to obtain a scan of the Santa Fe blueprints for the cars from the archives in Temple Tx.  Contact Craig Ordner, he archivist.  I have obtained the sheets for the Bx-34 for this year's Shake & Take from there.  I'm not sure on availability as anything past the Bx-44 is too new for me.  

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On Friday, December 20, 2019, 07:35:10 PM EST, Allan Smith <smithal9@...> wrote:

I have been looking at photos of the ATSF Boxcar series with the twelve panel sides and am trying to determine the dimensions of the one wide panel and the five narrow panels on each side of the door. Does anyone have a drawing of this series giving those dimensions? my calculations Scaled from blown up photos, the car is 40'6" or 486", so I come up with 3-44-32-32-32-32-32-72-32-32-32-32-44-3, 3" for the ends 72" for the door. I have conductors lists from 1954 on the Sierra Railroad and there are 15 cars from the 12 panel series Bx-48 Bx-50 Bx-51 Bx-53 Bx-60 Bx-62 Bx-63 on the list. I am trying to build the cars from this list for my railroad and would like to be as accurate as possible. If anyone has this info it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You 

Al Smith
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Thanks for sharing Ted

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