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Did anyone else notice that the photo of NJI&I is a very crude fake? Blow it up and you will see that the rivets appear to have been added through retouching and the trucks look like they were drawn by hand. It appears that the lettering was added onto a photo of another car. Even the panels are not of uniform width, though this did happen. Perhaps this photo is a mock-up done before the cars were actually built and lettered.

NJI&I indeed did have a series of boxcar that match this number, 4100-4149. 

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Photo: NJI&I Boxcar 4100

From the Decatur, IL, Herald & Review archives:

Caption: H&R file photo 2-3-1944 First new all-steel cars to be turned out at the Wabash car shops since relaxation of steel priorities for railroad work is a boxcar for the N.J.I. and I., a Wabash-controlled branch line in Northern Indiana.

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