Re: 3D printing (Was: New early P&R steel.....)

Ryan Mendell

I will take a video but I am off work for two weeks so it will have to wait

On Dec 22, 2019, at 12:24 PM, Bill Welch <fgexbill@...> wrote:

Here is a used 3D Systems Projet 3600.

Based on the used price alone, can only assume it will be awhile before we will see one for home use to turn out quality parts. Plus depending on where we live we might have to pay to fly in the techincian Ryan mentions plus the $2K for the routine maintenance. We can dream however.

Wondering if there is any video showing the 3D Systems Projet 3600 or Projet 5500 printer in action?

Thank you Ryan for taking time to explain the complexities.

Bill Welch

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