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Dennis Storzek

On Sun, Dec 22, 2019 at 09:24 AM, Bill Welch wrote:
Based on the used price alone, can only assume it will be awhile before we will see one for home use to turn out quality parts. Plus depending on where we live we might have to pay to fly in the techincian Ryan mentions plus the $2K for the routine maintenance. We can dream however.
Bill, it depends what you want to do. While the Prohet machines seem to be the only ones that have a large enough build area to do complete HO scale passenger car sides and roofs, the SLA machines, such as the Form 2 that Corey used for the UCR gons are considerably cheaper, and seem to do decent work, as attested to by Corey's pictures.

And intriguingly, there is the little Anycube Photon, at 1/10 the price of the Form 2 machines. Also a photo cured resin system, but not SLA because it uses an array of UV emitters rather than a scanning laser to cure the resin, it actually claims thinner layer resolution than the Form 2 which would help with curved and angular surfaces. Not a big build area, but could be very useful for doors and ends. Typical of the hobby grade machines, the web site is very lean on technical specifications, but this review has what I was looking for: anycubic-photon-review

Of course it remains to be seen if such a lightly built machine can keep the layers aligned, but we'll never know unless someone tries one for our type of parts. If I wasn't still working, I'd give one a try.

Dennis Storzek

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