Eshelman Tank Cars

Matt Goodman

Hi all. I’m modeling Circleville Ohio, which contained one of the John W Eshelman & Sons feed mills - a substantial facility. I recently came across multi-paged booklet (printed 1947-ish) that contains a few photos of their facilities and “modern methods of transportation” which included the attached photo of a tank car lettered in the company name. I presume this was used to transport molasses.

The car number is GATX 24626 (or close). What type of tank car is this, and has anyone produced a decal set for it? Molasses cars have been discussed in detail on this list, but before discovering this, I didn’t think I had a need to know about them.

As an aside, the company had facilities in Lancaster, PA, Tampa, FL, Circleville, OH, and one other location. The company was eventually sold to Carnation once a generation that showed no interest in running the business surfaced. The mill in Circleville eventually burned to the ground (in the nineties, I believe).

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio, US

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