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SN 2319 was one of the ex-WP steel-end cars from series that came to the SN in 1947/48. Most, if not all, appear to have come from WP series 316001-318500, and were 16001-18500 boxcars that were not converted to Andrews trucks as the ban on archbars neared (the series does not appear in the 1940 ORER I have, but is my next one from 1943). They were not allowed in interchange except with WP's wholly-owned subsidiaries, Sacramento Northern and Tidewater Southern. Strangely, most of the ex-WP cars sent to the SN I have been able to identify were actually the retreaded ventilators rebuilt circa 1929 as plain boxcars with added steel ends. On the SN they were renumbered 2301-2328, as I noted in the earlier post. The sale to the SN is covered by AFE 3-47, dated 5/7/48, which does not mean much, and on the WP/SN was often just a paperwork filing date. I see no AFE covering the conversion of these cars to AB brakes, which could mean that had already been done by the WP, or it could mean that the AFE was lost by the time the list was compiled (there are many gaps in my list).

SN 2129-2153 (less three cars that were lost earlier) were retired on AFE 1-47, dated 12/31/47, which was a common date for WP/SN bookkeeping. The were unretired on AFE 10-48 dated 10/9/48, had AB brakes installed and were returned to service as 2329-2350.

AFAIK, conversion of archbar trucks to Andrews did not start until 1954, unless there are missing AFEs. My list ends in 1957, and nothing about truck replacements is specifically mentioned. Many cars later photographed on Andrews trucks were last reweighed in 1954. No such cars on the SN were ever converted to so-called Bettendorf trucks, and I have seen no evidence that any on the WP were either.

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Possibly Oakland......  Not sure if these were the series mentioned...

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These cars served in original condition on the reorganized Sacramento Northern Railway until circa 1948 when the surviving 22 were retired. They still rolled on arch bar trucks and had K-brakes. They were replaced by 28 similar boxcars with steel ends from the WP, renumbered SN 2301-2328 (see below).

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