D&RGW 68038 12 panel 40' box car

Andy Carlson

I found some pictures today which added to my understandings of the D&RGW fleet of 12 panel riveted steel box cars. A class in the 68xxx series were built pre-war and had inside height of 10'4" and had 4/5 Dreadnaught ends with above average spacing between the top rib and the end top. Enclosed is a RRPHOTOGS scan of DRGW #68038 with a build date of 9-39 (?) and reweigh date of 5-54. Still has its pre-war Youngstown door and rectangular panel roof. Like the later Rio Grande 12 panels, this car also has a full length side sill. Was this a RG added feature as not many 1939 era box cars seem to have straight side sills?
-Andy Carlson   Ojai CA

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