Re: Classic Trains on CD

Tim O'Connor


My issue with Kalmbach is their proprietary images - If the images were good quality in
a PDF format, I would get the entire MR/Trains/Classic/etc and load them onto my hard drive.
CD-ROM itself is absolutely becoming a defunct technology. Kalmbach fears people sharing
the stuff but the truth is that if the price is reasonable and the files are HUGE then most
people would just pay to download the files. I would, anyway. I COULD scan them all but that
would take forever! And you're right, SHELF SPACE in a home is far too valuable (expensive)
for paper magazine storage - I have way over a hundred linear feet of train books and magazines
on shelves - they could ALL fit on a single hard disk drive. :-\

Tim O'Connor

On 12/27/2019 12:15 AM, np328 wrote:
     I am trying to continually downsize as I and my wife age, (I am only 63 and the wife just hit 50) I am even looking at the Classic Trains issues sitting on a shelf.  Now I see that the first 15 years of that rag are available on CD.  The price is not too bad considering all in all if the photo quality is good.. Has any one the list ordered this?    Are you happy with your purchase regarding *** the photo reproduction quality?***  I would rather have to deal with space restraints regarding the models of the railroad cars we talk about here.
And upon my demise, I would rather have my wife dealing with a box of CD's rather than hundreds of pounds of paper. Jim Dick  - St. Paul
*Tim O'Connor*
*Sterling, Massachusetts*

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