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Peter Hall

Speaking of small parts for brake systems, does anyone know of a source for 0.015” brass wire?  I can’t find it from any of the usual sources.


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I don’t see them on the sides of the log cars and it would be too easy to brake them off when the logs are rolled off. I’m guessing that they were on the inside of the end sill or side sill but I don’t see sign of the ends of the bolts/nuts which would have held them in place. 
Jack Burgess
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They are usually on the side, near the B - end.
Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Speaking of retainer valves, where were they located on flat cars? The YV had several truss-rod flat cars and I don’t see retainer valves on either end. So maybe early flat cars didn’t have any. 
I also don’t see them on the YV log cars of which the YV had 175. One builder’s photo shows a retainer on the end sill on the B end but it is missing in later photos. A YV brakeman told me that they set some of the retainers on the downhill/loaded log trains but when I asked him years later where the retainer was located he couldn’t remember. 
Any ideas?
Jack Burgess

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