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Ralph W. Brown

Hi Jon, Peter, et al.,
Tichy offers any array of wire diameters from 0.008” to 0.032” in 8” and 3’ lengths, as well as 0.040” wire but apparently only in 8” lengths.  The wire is phosphor-bronze rather than brass, but I’ve never found that to be a problem for me.  See:  Some of the Tichy wire products appear to be currently available from Walthers too.
Clover House offers straightened brass in 12” lengths and an array of diameters (, as well as 100’ coils of phosphor-bronze wire in 0.013” and 0.020” diameters (
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From: Jon Miller
Sent: Friday, December 27, 2019 12:23 PM
Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Retainer Valves - HO Scale
On 12/27/2019 8:52 AM, Peter Hall wrote:
does anyone know of a source for 0.015” brass wire?


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