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Bob Webber

Tony, both are happening, often in step.  For instance, they (we) might have given up on some, but they are not processing others.  There is the main issue - one has to rationalize the costs vs. the benefits (note I did not say revenue or profit). depends on who owns what.  Were we to own the 2.5 million objects in the collection, and not be held by agreements - we'd likely put some images (lower-res, smaller size, less optimal formats) on the web.  We can not do that, by agreement. 

I know of several archives that have, as you say, "given up" in terms of simply conserving, making they items available locally only, and hoping for a better day.  Others are giving up by putting all or most on-line (in poorer qualities).  Others straddle.  There are many  options, but those options may be rather restricted by something not in your power to change. 

Selling images may well be low income - depending on the scheme of things and your interpretations.  We have ONLY that revenue stream, and that pays for everything we purchase (large format and other scanners, computers, storage, storage containers, etc. etc.).  We are still ahead by doing so.  We could *NEVER* pay a salary, or pay for the new building going up - but everything else is and must be covered.

At 12:18 PM 12/27/2019, Tony Thompson wrote:
Bob Webber wrote:

What is going to happen is that institutions selling photos, drawings and other things digitally will have to increasingly turn to software that blocks attempts to download, copy, and other wise use something.  Which will drive up costs and cut down on  usability, flexibility,  and customer satisfaction.  When some knowingly disregard promises they made, it hurts every body.

   Comments about abuse of licensing and permission are quite correct. But I think Bob is wrong about what institutions "are going to do." In fact, my impression is that many institutions have given up on this issue, and are increasingly posting uncontrolled images on the web. Selling digital images is a VERY low-income idea, and I suspect many are simply deciding to make images available. Otherwise they languish in darkness.

Bob Webber

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