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Eric Hansmann

I’m satisfied with the retainer valves on the Tichy K brake system parts sprue. I drill a hole and insert a length of 0.008-inch diameter wire before snipping them off the sprue. The brake parts all go into a multi-compartment box and the retainer valves are ready to install after the wire is in place.



Eric Hansmann

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Tichy on the #3013 spruce with no part number; however, across from the bell crank #22-3013 - inexpensive

Precision Scale in plastic #31796 about $ .84 each last time I ordered them, 4 per package
I do not know brass part number as do not use.

Another possible option is to cast your own.  Press the part you have into clay or silicone mold putty ( MicroMark is one source) to make cheap quick mold and fill with and J_B Weld ( epoxy).  Will take some time to dry.

Another possible option is to cast your own in rubber molds and resin.

Lester Breuer

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