CP 40 DD boxcar with end doors, Sylvan kit #1073 rerun reservations

Brent Greer

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CP 40 foot Double Door with end door boxcar preliminary announcement, Sylvan kit HO-1073
I will be getting a custom run of Sylvan Models kit # HO-1073 Canadian Pacific Railway 40 foot double door boxcar with end door done in the New Year. This kit can be used to model 1938 built (road numbers 295500-295549), 1940 built (road numbers 295600-295649) and 1942 built (road numbers 295659-295799) cars. There were a total of 300 cars in this series. Many were subsequently renumbered into work service 404xxx numbers.

The kit includes 13’6” doors for the 1938 cars along with the door extension that CP added to some cars, along with 15’ doors for the 1940 and 1942 built cars. In addition the kit will include Sylvan decals, etched brass ladders and a pair of Bettendorf trucks. Wheels and couplers are not included.

Some of these cars lasted in revenue service into the early 1980’s, and some survived into the 1990’s or longer in company service. They are appropriate for steam era through to the modern day period.

The kits will be $50 each. Please contact me via email at <mlwm420 AT gmail DOT com> to reserve your cars. No payment is required to reserve your model, payment will be due when the models ship. Shipping to your mailing address will be extra.

Prototype photos of these cars in their original numbers are challenging to locate; below are a few photos of these cars in work service numbers via Canadian Freight Railcar Gallery, courtesy of Chris van der Heide.






I have reserved a couple. If you are also interested, contact Marc Simpson off-list at the address listed in the body of his message above.

Dr. J. Brent Greer

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