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Mel and Bob,

I'd go with gondola too. The car obviously was constructed as a single piece, rather than a box added to a flat car. I don't see actual stake pockets here, just the stake permanently mounted to the side sills. Also note that it has some sort of dump mechanism. That said, how is this car classified in the ORERs of the time?

The Western Pacific had some GB gondolas rebuilt in 1947 from Pullman 1915 single-sheathed boxcars (series 15001) with a permanent box structure. They are later described in company training materials as "Flat car with sideboards". Here's the quote: " . . . 31 rebuilt Western Pacific Maintenance of Way cars, numbers M.W. 6101 to M.W. 6131 inclusive, are called 'sideboard flats'. Sides are about 27" high above floor. Do not confuse with gondolas."

By 1949 all but one had been removed from the ORER listing. I suspect they were a stop-gap solution to a mill gondola shortage, but their 1915 underframes weren't up to the strain. These cars served the WP until the end in work train service. At least a half-dozen went to various preservation lines and museums for conversion to open passenger cars in the 1980s and continue to soldier on. The WP also had a small number of 50' flat cars equipped with temporary box structures at about this time in mill service. These were true sideboard flats.

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definitely a gondola
mel perry

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Photo: DL&W 70793

Nice shot of this car. Is it a flat car or a gondola?

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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