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mel perry

understand whar you are saying, question arises, in regards to the
useage of only one  set of truss
rods?, normally two sets were the
minimum, usually inside and outside,
matter of a fact, i csn only remember
one other car that had a single set,
and that was a steel framed NP reefer,
if i remember correctly, 
mel perry

On Sun, Dec 29, 2019, 7:52 AM Eric Hansmann <eric@...> wrote:
These MCB/ARA/AAR car codes are a moving target. Designations depend upon era and what the railroad applies as the designation.

In this specific case (DL&W 70793), the MCB designation for DL&W 70000-70999 is listed as HT in the October 1926 ORER. Under the Markings and Kind of Car column for this series, the cars are noted as Hopper, Twin, (Wood) Steel Undfr. I do not have a 1927 or 1928 ORER to compare the data. The June 1917 ORER also lists these cars as HT, but the data in the Markings column is slightly different; Hopper, Twin, Steel Underframe.

The AAR Mechanical Designation information on Ian Cranstone's website has a few HT entries.

HT - Hopper (Twin). Similar to ordinary hopper, only equipped with two or more hopper doors instead of one. (from 1/17-2/26)

HT - An Open Top Car, similar in construction to the "HM" car but having more than one set of double hoppers. (from 3/27-10/28)

HT - An Open Top Self-Clearing Car, having fixed sides and ends and bottom consisting of three or more divided hoppers with doors hinged crosswise of car and dumping between rails. (from 3/29-4/99)

While it looks like a gondola, and may be similar to other gondolas with a GB designation, the ORER listing has these DL&W cars as HT.

Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN

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I think it's been said before - a GB gondola is a car with ends, sides, no roof, and a flat, solid bottom for cargo space. The height of the sides, or ends, or whether the car was purpose built or rebuilt from a flat car is irrelevant. Descriptions of ARA/AAR car classes can be found in the equipment registers.

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> Mel and Bob,
> I'd go with gondola too. [snip]

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