Re: DL&W 44078 (was Photo: SRLX Reefers)

Benjamin Hom

Rob Kirkham asked:
"I was wondering if there is an existing model for this other car (shown in the photo Bob has linked below.) It looks like the Tichy 3001 end would be a good starting point, and maybe ? an Accurail floor as a starting point."

Or, depending on the era modeled, you can pick up your choice of HO scale USRA double-sheathed boxcar model. DL&W 44200-44799, 600 cars. 

"I do not have any info on the history of these cars, so do not know if would still be running in 1946 when I model.  But it made me curious.  Would like to see decent photos of the car side and frame too."

January 1940 ORER lists 439 cars, down to 18 cars by January 1950.  Cars received Hutchins roofs; your best bet for 1946 would be Westerfield 3863.

Ben Hom

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