Re: DL&W 44078 (was Photo: SRLX Reefers)


Guys, to be on the safe side,

For those attending Prototype Rails 2020, at least one error in an attendee’s Schedule has surfaced. I noticed many more than the usual very small number of attendee’s checking out Saturday…Jan 11, 2020. Such a checkout is noon Saturday. More than one clinician, scheduled to give a clinic Saturday night, is shown in the hotel registration as having checked out at noon Saturday. Please check your checkout time. If you are giving a clinic on Saturday afternoon/night you might want to see if you are still here. And, of course, you might want to attend a clinic given by someone not here.

Note also that the cutoff for making a reservation [ and possibly a change ] is Dec 31….Tuesday.

Mike Brock
Prototype Rails Chairman

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