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Bob Chaparro

SRIX Trivia:

1. Text from the Railway Age article: "The Safety Car Heating & Lighting Company, New York, has had in service for a number of months an iceless refrigerator car, the principle of the operation of which is based on certain physical properties of a substance known as silica gel. No source of mechanical power is required, the operation being effected by heat from a stored gas supply. Several long haul runs have been made with the first car equipped with this system and the results have been uniformly successful. A variety of commodities have been carried, including frozen fish, oranges, and cantaloupe."

2. The December 1928 Frisco Employees Magazine reported a complimentary letter from a consignee about the railroad's service, which used SRIX 25 to transport fish from Midway, CT, to Ft. Worth, TX. The praise was for the speed of service rather than the car, however.

3. InĀ 1930, the publication Better Fruit reported that an iceless, stoveless car, called a Silica Gel or Srix car, carried pears from Yakima to New York in March and the pears reached New York in perfect condition.

The Minnesota Historical Society has Great Northern Railroad documents on the fruit claims of R. W. Gudgeon regarding movement in SRIX cars, 1933-1934.

4. The Safety Car Heating & Lighting Company was incorporated in 1887 and owned the American patents for the Pintsch compressed oil-gas system for lighting railroad cars. The company also controlled a system for heating cars.

Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

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