Re: Classic Trains on CD


  thank you for all the input.  I had someone else who's opinion I highly value contact me off line and relate how they ordered a CD of XYZ publication, and then returned it for a refund - based on quality of copying resolution.  Stated that early issues were scanned, poorly, the switched to a better pdf format.  In the end though, it was returned. 

       I did ask locally about the CD, and found no one. ( I do, do my homework,) That is why I posted the question here. 

 However, a third point of axis in this discussion. I have and will continue to scan (for my personal use) modeling articles. I look at these and the quality of the scan - done by myself - even at a 240 dpi - leaves me wanting.
        Why not crank up the dpi ?, you ask. In my opinion, it does not make a better scan, just starts creating huge files which I know will eventually bog down my computer. Try it yourself and you will find what I have.  

      If, if these materials were first formatted in a pdf format, I would accept that as OK. I have written articles for my HS and they sent out a pdf for the authors to check their work as it is to be printed, these I have always found the format - satisfactory.  

     BTW, I pushed as an officer of my HS to get digital copies of our societies magazine as an option. Printing costs, mailing costs are nil. And an internal audit that my HS had done, showed back copies for some issues based on sales - would last 200 years (yup - two hundred years!) and the membership was (and I would believe STILL IS) paying to warehouse these into infinity.  Drip, drip, drip, go the dollars.  It is my belief that an HS could halve the cost of digital subscriptions to the society rag, and see an increase in total revenue.  
      Even if someone passes a digital copy of a magazine on, it is likely to be a very small percentage and hey, at least in the Twin Cities here, for decades now, …. decades..... I have seen magazines re-sellers at model railroad events. And the world has not stopped turning.
     I also find most curiously that people who seem most concerned about digital copies being passed on, are the ones I could see doing such things. I guess I don't think that way.  

     Back on to the original subject. Photos are what I, and after decades of giving presentations, what most of us value.  I suppose I will just take a harder look at content of the magazines I have. I currently look at the modeling magazines table of content and ask myself - what interests me? Technique articles, a how to - might get scanned. Ted's essential and many of RH's old articles, yes!        If nothing does - recycle! 
                                                                                                                             again, thanks for the input, H NY,     see some of you at the beach.      Jim Dick 

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