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I believe that that hole is not what Jon is referring to... but rather the “bubbling” of incipient corrosion along the bottom of the sides. This is similar to what happened to the PRR X29 cars... which I have come to believe came from the reaction of acidic oak floorboards used at the time and the side sheets.  I am discounting the effects of rain, since I do not see evidence of leaking roofs in period photos... and leaking roofs should have been repaired. 

Bill Daniels
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I'm not 100% convinced that that hole is in car. I think it might be an issue with the negative. I state this as I can see nothing inside the hole and there should be some structure there and the hole and associated markings don't look like they match to the plane of the car side exactly.

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and Canadian Pacific box car 242550 circa 1930

    Based on the circle of chalk and the question mark both the chalk-er and me wonder what made that hole.

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