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Greg Martin


TESTORS Flat Grapefruit in the 1/4oz. bottles.  I gat mine at Michaels Arts and Craft. It is a rather new color.  It may be a bit light, but very close.

Greg Martin 

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Date: 1/1/20 12:14 PM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: [RealSTMFC] Erie Boxcar red help

My only local hobby shop caters more to the plastic kit (airplanes, cars etc) modelers than Model RR but they are good for things like paint. I am going to be painting an Erie Boxcar in the near future and they have Vallejo and Tamiya paints. Does anyone have a color in either line that would be close to the color of the attached photo? I’ve learned the color name on the label means nothing. Heck Lester B used Vallejo Model Color Red Leather to model PRR FCC and it looks good.


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Hey Boss,

Somehow I got deleted from this group in late May. I guess someone didn't like me. Jail is a lonely place.

Greg Martin 

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