Re: New Manufacturer Prototype Junction announces 1st Project AT&SF Bx-11,12,13 and a RI

Randy Hammill

Hi, Dan - 

Yes, the Dalman One-Level trucks will be available separately. I don't think Ted Culotta would talk to me anymore if we didn't make them available.

For the Dalman Two-Level trucks, we have a few options we're considering.

At True Line, we looked into getting the Dalman Two-Level trucks from Tahoe for the CP Minibox. That didn't pan out at the time, so we tooled our own and I have access to that tooling. But we need both variations Tahoe has available, and personally I'd like to give the business to Tahoe if that works out. But we haven't gotten to that point and haven't reached out yet.

But any trucks we produce for these models will be available as separate parts.

As for the Dalman-Andrews trucks that Tim suggests? We thought we were going with a different prototype for our initial project, and those are required for that project. Not sure if that will be the second project, but maybe we can squeeze an extra truck into the tooling earlier...Hmmm.

I'm just finishing up the last teaser page of models that we are producing for this project and that will post tonight. And the full details of the project will be up next week in time for Cocoa Beach


Randy Hammill
Modeling the New Haven Railroad 1946-1954

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