Re: ATSF Boxcar 274525 Roof Repaint

John Barry


It depends, maybe, maybe not.  If your car is in original paint, metal running boards should be galvanized.  If they represent a repaint, it should match the roof, non-skid black prior to 51, mineral brown after.  For Lester's car, if he were to depict it in the "Ship & Travel" scheme with a 1950 reweigh date, that would be a post 47-pre 51 re-paint from the as delivered and should have a black roof and running board.  

(I love that great adult undergarment answer! :-)

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On Thursday, January 2, 2020, 10:23:21 PM EST, bill woelfel via Groups.Io <bwoelfeljr@...> wrote:

I never saw that in the boxcar or Furn. car book, but once I looked at the ATSF model painting guide by Richard Hendrickson , there it was. None of this is to denigrate Lester's work. Looks like I have a few cars w/metal RB's to repaint. Bill W

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