Re: Certainly a "Steam Era" freight car!

Bob Webber

At 11:57 AM 1/3/2020, you wrote:
On 1/3/2020 9:53 AM, George Eichelberger wrote:

(low res version attached)

    I still can't open these but if I transfer to the desktop and then open it works.  Might have something to do with the low res version.

Doubtful.  More likely file associations & actions within your mail client, browser and PC/Mac.  Esp. true when using web client e-mail (such as gmail via Firefox - Firefox & Gmail esp. do not always play nice as they attempt to rectify e-mail gaffes of the past (in security).  Gmail changes their secure certificate server address weekly (some clients pick up open it and trust implicitly, some (like Eudora) are older and must be modified to make the change explicitly.   Firefox has required various settings to change as they attempt to close some holes and Microsoft attempts (not at all successfully) to close their OS holes and requirements. 

Apple has its own issues, contrary what you might have heard (the very first virus in the wild targeted (and worked on) Apples.  Their proprietary software and platform does lend itself to  fewer issues simply by requiring everyone to play nicely (as Apple sees it) - both with benefits and negatives.  Not having one recently to play with, I can't say what the settings might be..

JPGs, depending upon the tool used to create the "low res" version are typically transportable across platforms.   When it opens on the desktop but not from e-mail, it is most likely due to the OS/Browser/Client file options issues.  Looking at event logs would clarify things  more than a little bit.  There are multiple variants of jpgs (and tifs) - different tools and applications will/may process them differently. 

The underpinnings of Thunderbird / Mozilla / Firefox are such that each uses an excuse of "less secure" software against each other.   Check this out:
And verify settings and options for openign file types.

Bob Webber

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