Can anyone tell me anything about the "Safcar" running board and step?

Andy Carlson

My now gone friend Jack Parker, who lived and breathed the Northern Pacific RR, detailed an O scale A5 NP brass Northern 4-8-4 back in the 1990s. He made the boiler running boards as exact as can be using the described method of straight and bent bars. It sure was spoiling for me to view that level of detail; it would be much harder of a challenge to execute a board this well in smaller scales. His son Jeff has this 1st place contest winner on display in the corridor leading to the NP HO scale railroad which Jack built 20 + years ago. Go look for it the next time you are there!
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

On Friday, January 3, 2020, 3:58:01 PM PST, Jack Mullen <jack.f.mullen@...> wrote:

The correct name is "Safkar", made by the Irving Iron Works Co., Long Island City, NY. The open grid is formed by alternating straight and zigzag bars, all running longitudinally, riveted together, forming a distinctive pattern of trapezoidal openings. 
Page in the '28 CBCyc shows use as passenger car step treads, mentioned being in use for 8 years. In the '31 Loco Cyc, they're shown as loco running boards and steps. Not found in the '40 CBCyc.
I've wondered about their possible use on freight cars, but don't recall ever seeing anything in print. I have a vague notion that I've seen something of the sort in the real world, long ago. So this photo is a cool find.

I'll try to post an image later.

Jack Mullen

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