Re: Can anyone tell me anything about the "Safcar" running board and step?

Guy Wilber

Jack wrote:

“The correct name is "Safkar", made by the Irving Iron Works Co., Long Island City, NY. The open grid is formed by alternating straight and zigzag bars, all running longitudinally, riveted together, forming a distinctive pattern of trapezoidal openings.

Page in the '28 CBCyc shows use as passenger car step treads, mentioned being in use for 8 years. In the '31 Loco Cyc, they're shown as loco running boards and steps. Not found in the '40 CBCyc.”


Irving Type AA Grating running boards were among the first approved by The AAR’s Committee on Safety Appliances when specifications for running boards other than wood (via Interchange Rule 3) took effect on January 1, 1944.

The ICC permitted the limited use of “experimental” running boards as early as 1932. The “Safkar” design may have been different than The Type AA Grating due to the specifications adopted in 1944.

By 1952 in addition to The Irving Type AA, another approved running board was listed as, The Irving Subway Grating Company’s Grating, R-BC. These were both applicable to house cars as well as covered hoppers. The Irving Subway Grating Company’s Grating, R-TC was listed for tank car running boards, dome steps and dome platforms.

Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada

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