Re: Shipping Fish


   I have written about this before.  
      While researching for refrigerator cars of the NP, I found a letter admonished a subordinate on his use of a class of refrigerator cars stating that - refrigerator cars, once used for fish, are unfit for anything other commodity. Fish service is where refrigerator cars go to die. I could try to dig it out if you really wanted to see it. Could take a bit of time as CCB is on the doorstep. This letter or telegram was prior to flash freezing of fish, so I think it would be fish on ice. (1920s - 1930s +/-)  
      I never found anything later in the 50's (in paperwork) that specified certain classes of cars to fish service. This in spite of there were numerous fish processing plants in WA state that shipped NP.  I have often wondered about the steel reefers. Would 40 tons of frozen fish sticks contaminate them? 
      I am mildly allergic to eating fish, so I tend to stay clear of fish that has been processed as an edible, (even in the frozen food section).                  Jim Dick - St. Paul 

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