Re: One-Piece Cast Resin Box Car Bodies

william darnaby

As a final…or,maybe not…comment on one piece bodies, I have not found them to be a great time saver over flat kits because of issues that I run across.  Your mileage may vary but I have found that it takes time to clean up the bottom edges of the castings as there are lumps and bumps of resin.  I think some of these are vents or risers from the casting process.  I have had to do repair to these areas to get a clean and straight bottom sill on the sides and ends.  One car I assembled this summer had the corner of the sill so badly damaged I had to create a new corner with modelling putty.


Another issue is the shelf inside the body being uneven or not deep enough to allow the floor to sit down inside far enough to allow the crossmembers to sit behind the sill tabs.  It sometimes takes a fair amount of scraping with a square edged modelling knife to clean up that shelf.


Then there is the issue of warpage.  I have had to install pieces of quarter inch square styrene across the interior of the casting so the sides do not noticeably bow in.


Such is the resin world.  And, as I said, YMMV.


Bill Darnaby


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Thanks to all who responded to my inquiry, on list and off.  Sounds like it is nothing to be concerned about. 


Mark Rossiter


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