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Doug Paasch

I found this tidbit on the internet about shipping frozen fish.


I, too, would be interested in the shipping of non-frozen dead fish in refrigerator cars.  I want to include shipments of freshly caught (dead) Salmon from Seattle fish docks on the GN using icing from the WFE ice dock at Interbay.  Did GN have any of its own reefers (ie, GN reporting mark) or did they only use WFEX/BREX/FGEX pool cars for reefer shipments of all kinds?  And for fish, were they limited to using only WFEX reefers since they owned them by subsidiary?  That is, were they prohibited from using BREX or FGEX reefers for fish?



    Doug Paasch


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OK, let me better define what I am asking about. I am asking about dead fish, either on ice or frozen.
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

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