Sunshine Kits wanted

Chuck Cover

Wanted Sunshine Kits:


37.9, 37.11 or 39.12                         DL&W 4650 series DS 40’ Boxcar

37.10                                                LV 60000 series DS 40’ Boxcar

97.1, 97.2, 97.4 or 97.5                    NC&SL  XM-32 36’ steel rebuilt Boxcar

64.8                                                  NKP  25000-25099 10’6” rebuilt Boxcar with end door

64.14 or 64.15                                  C&O 2000-2799 rebuilt Boxcar

96.9                                                  D&RGW  65100-65199 steel DD automobile Boxcar


I have a list of 9 sunshine kits that I would be willing to trade for any of the above or if you have a kit that I listed above and want to sell it, please let me know.  If youlet me know that you are interested, I will email you my list of extra kits for trade.






Chuck Cover

Santa Fe, NM


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