Offered: HO NP AAR Alternative std hoppers by Intermountain

Andy Carlson

I am offering for purchase 5 HO Intermountain RTR Northern Pacific black coal hoppers. IM #47152
47152-01 NP 70203; 47152-02 NP 70222; 47152-03 NP 70259; 47152-04 NP 70304; 47152-06 NP 70386.
Purchase all 5 brand new, in never been removed from original boxes hopper cars for $120. Buyer to pay $14 for Priority USPS mail.Not sold individually, sold as one lot of 5 cars. Pictures are from IMRC's web site. My cars have not been removed from their original mint packaging.

I accept checks and money orders. with a small fee, I accept PayPal. Contact me off-list (Please) for details at <midcentury@...>Thanks,         -Andy Carlson    Ojai CA

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