Re: Gondola identification

Jack Mullen

Have you looked at PRR G29 class?  True, IL is only 46', but it's 3'8" IH with 11 stake sides.

NYC also had 11 stake steel gons, but the ones I'm aware of, 324xxx series, are 50' IL and a foot taller.

Most steel, straight-side mill gons seem to have an odd number of panels. Could yours be a composite gon that's been resheathed with diagonal truss members removed? A number of roads had 12 panel composite gons with straight sills, including your Milwaukee, iirc.

It would *really* help to have a photo. There are many details that might cue recognition, or tend to support or reject a possible match. A few such as whether the centersill is straight or fishbelly;  end sills flush or projecting; spacing of stakes and their shape might be described, but it's a lot easier to recognize a picture of a face than a description.

Jack Mullen

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