Re: Caboose A vs. B End Orientation Question

Nelson Moyer

Thanks, Jack. The drawing of the underbody in the instructions has the brake cylinder pointing toward the long end, which is labeled Front (non-cupola) End on the drawing. For freight cars, the brake cylinder points toward the B end, which is what prompted the question. There are other oddities on the drawing such as the transverse mounting of the control valve and placement of the air reservoir on the same side as the brake cylinder with the control valve on the opposite side of the center sill, which is the reverse of most freight cars, though some cars have all three brake components on the same side of the center sill. There are the discrepancies between the drawing and the pilot model photos regarding the orientation of the air reservoir. These cars were built by the CB&Q in the Aurora car shop, so without prototype drawings or some clear underbody photos, I’m not sure how to build the brake system.


Nelson Moyer


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It appears the orientation of the brake cylinder was unchanged.  The cylinder is concealed by the battery boxes, but photos in the Burlington Waycars book of cars with the boxes and wagon wheels removed show the cylinder pointing to the short end.

Jack Mullen

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