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Walter Cox

Thanks to Google I just found that Rutland would have been correct into 1963. I should have thought of Google sooner but didn't think of the question until I was typing the rest of my reply. Sorry about that.

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Unfortunately, there was no article associated with the photo. It was contained in an ad for a Railworks brass car model. I may do the Athearn kitbash but would need to know if it was a Green Mountain Ry. or a Rutland car in 1959. Can anyone help with this?
TIA Walt

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Hi List Members,

Apparently the May 1999 issue of RMC page 106 has an image of another of these RUTLAND flat cars, looks like RUT 2762, from the Dominic Raia collection. I don't know if there was also an article associated with the image, since I scanned only the image and got rid of the paper copy when I moved last.

Also, it looks like this same car, RUT 2762, may still possibly survive at the Danbury Railway Museum, see link below.

Claus Schlund

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Marty and Friends,

The article was indeed by Richard Hendrickson, and is found in the August 1993 RAILMODEL JOURNAL. Richard said this was the only close prototype he could find for the Athearn 40' flatcar, due to it having 11 stake pockets on each side.

John Nehrich used the same flatcar to build flat cars and gondolas for the NEB&W (which is almost a prototype line in its own right). His gondolas were based on Rutland 2700-series flats rebuilt as gondolas 4500-4505. His article in the the January 1986 MODEL RAILROADER.

Restored Rutland flat car 2777 is at Steamtown.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff  🦆

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Interesting shot. I don't have the article, but back in the early days of prototype rolling stock modeling (John Nehrich or perhaps even Richard?) did an article on reworking an Athearn flat to more closely resemble the Rutland car.
Paul Dolkos had a car based on this article (built for him by Tom Underwood) on his old B&M layout that I acquired a few years ago (see when Paul lost the true faith and started modeling Baltimore....He felt a Rutland flat would have been out of place in Baltimore ... <g>

Marty McGuirk

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Here is an interesting image. Shows Rutland 2700 flatcar with two short Freuhauf trailers, being delivered in Des Moines IA. I don’t have a date, but would say circa 1920.


Doug  Harding


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