Re: What type of vegetation is traveling on the DRGW?

Don Strack

Actually, the gondola in the photo is carrying scrap tin plate from American Can in Ogden. The scrap tin plate, from the can manufacturing process, was shipped south to Proler Steel near Bingham, where it was used to extract copper (by precipitation) from copper-bearing water that had percolated down through the waste rock dumps from the Utah Copper open pit copper mine. It is a chemical process that includes a weak sulfuric acid solution in which the iron is replaced by copper oxide, resulting in copper that is about 90 percent pure.

The trip was D&RGW all the way, Ogden to Salt Lake City, then Salt Lake City to Midvale, then out the Bingham Branch to Proler Steel, which was about two miles east, outside Bingham Canyon. Proler Steel burned the coatings off the tin plate in a large rotating kiln, and the processed tin plate scrap was loaded on D&RGW GS gondolas and shipped to the precipitation plant at Copperton, at the mouth of Bingham Canyon.

More information about copper precipitation is here...

Don Strack

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